Any ideas for my Cardiff team?

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Man Utd The Incredibles!


Purse Kvensson Eggimann Barker

Cearense N'Galula Jones Martin

Jerome Asprilla

I'll run through some of the names. Karl Svennson, my favourite buy. Cost me 150K and I've had Juve, Porto, HSV, and Feyernord come in for him. I've declined and hes still happy here. Mario Eggimann is a Swiss player I got on a free. Cearense is a class Brazilian I got on a free also. Was meant to be in my central midfield but I was sick of putting up with tosh from Neil Ardley week in, week out so I moved Dudu Cearense out there and hes doing a sterling job. Obviously N'Galula and David Jones are from United on loan, along with Lee Martin. Jafeth Asprilla I picked up for 70K. Hes shown flashes of brilliance but hes a bit hit and miss at the moment. Im currently 3rd in the Championship in my 2nd season with 30 games played. I need to get rid of **** like Boland, Ardley, Cooper but my chairman isnt the most generous with money. My teams littered with loan signings because over 2 seasons, hes given me 250K to spend!! Thats by the time hes given me a new contact and taken away whatever transfer funds I have left.

I've got Liverpool in the 4th round of the FA Cup so I'm hoping to get some money out of that, and I'm thinking about selling Svennson so I can invest more money into the team

Any suggesstions?