Just wondering if anyone has any sort of success with Jó (the man city reject). I had him for my Newcastle side in FM10 and he was an absolute beast, consistently scoring 30+ goals per season. Just started last night and I've been stuck in work all day and haven't had a chance to play yet so I was just wondering what the general consensus on him is?
I tried Signing him for Celtic but he wants £80,000 per week and I just couldny affort that :'(
Hes good on fm11 but he asks alot in wages if you can afford the wages he is worth it
Had him at Dinamo Zagreb in my thrid season i think, he was really prolific.

Great signing on a free if he decides to turn it on that is.
Good player , usually available very cheap.
Like people have said though , his wages are just too high.
have brought him on the last 2 fm and he was like you say a beast as either deep lying or target man. Not tried him yet. as people say very high wages compared to eg Lukaku, Kadlec, Tafer and Sanogo