Any one Might Know a good tactic for hearts

we can all help you if you give us a list of your squad and what tactic you play at the moment
with just the default squad i think 4-4-1-1 would be good for you
I used the usual 4-4-2 for Hearts there isnt anything else for it.

Bednar and Jankauskas upfront u canni beat it
Try this

I always say, best medicine for others is the one you use on yourelf.

This is my current tactic. 64 goals for / 15 goals agg
at the moment i was MU manager , was using 4-3-2-1 , Nistelrooy manage to score up to 6x score per season , and my def was league 2nd best
4-4-2, but make sure you go for a high tempo - Reading aren't atop the Championship for no reason now, are they?