Any tips for Blacpool.....Please Help??!!!


Dec 30, 2010
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I'm blackpool in my first season, and after 5 league games i'm 19th, having scored 3 and conceded 7.

I signed connor wickham (CF), galeano (CB), Lucas (from santos) and Loaned Rafeal.

I play 4 3 2 1- thats 2 wingers and a flat 3 man midfield.

Please suggest any players or tactics that may help me survive what could be a long season.
Be strong at the back and try to counter attack with your pacy front three.
I have problems scoring, in most of my games i am dominated by the other teams shots. And my team fades towards the end of matches
Play as Blackpool and watch Match of the Day.. tehe.
get Guillermo Ochoa as your keeper...if I'd signed him in August instead of January I'd of stayed up last class player
cheers how much does he cost, and what season are you in now
Jay Demerit and Jose Goncalves are decent CBs and are free agents try and get them, someone will probably signed them allready but its worth a try.
Sign Darwin Quintero upfront, and Miralem Sulejmani (sp) from Ajax on loan.
Pay attention to your assistant's feedback during the match
Considering your formation, he'll probably tell you that your forwards are being outnumbered
Try pulling one of the midfielders to AM position and setting him to trequarista (dunno if you have the right kind of player - martin galvan might work for second season)
I've just signed Charlie Adam for Birmingham and he is doing amazingly well so far as an advanced playmaker with support duty. He constantly splits defences. If you search I think someone on here uploaded a Blackpool tactic, that might help you. Also I would probably set defensive positioning as your foucs area in match prep. :)