Any tips on remaining undefeated for the whole season in the league??


Dec 16, 2011
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Just as the title says, I have a Manu save that I've had for 7 seasons but I can't remain undefeated in the league no matter what I try. I've won a few trophies nothing spectacular, I have a decent squad too. Is there any extra things you guys do to achieve it, ie team meetings at certain points, or certain team talks etc. ANY HELP would be much appreciated thank you. Johnny.
I aint no expert but i have managed it a few times in various years and leagues. I would suggest having three familiar tactics that have the desired effect in a game...i.e your normal tactic...a defensive option and maybe a patient one so you can conserve energy towards end of season.

Keeping morale up is essential in any team...less than a 6 and roast them with the hairdryer and so on...praise is good but sometimes it has a negative effect on a run in my experience. Not in all i guess but i can only speak from experience.

Hope this helps mate...keep up the good work
I did it before any patches came out, use the press to put pressure on the weak links in your opponents. Also pay attention to your scout reports i.e. the formations faced and how they have fared. Also don't be scared to change formation 30 mins in if its not working. I wasn't afraid to make a sub on 30 mins and change formation if it wasn't working
Formation wise, use 3 defenders (1 limited) and 2 WBs. Use 3 B2B mids and 2 fowards.

Obviously play around with the settings but generally this formation concedes the fewest ive ever seen in FM13 and this will give you the best chance of remaining undefeated. Its not beautiful to watch and you will get alot of 1-0s but give it a go, combined with the above suggestions.
In my aid to achieve the fabled 'undefeated season', I took up praying. Some claim it works, others are still on the fence.
Im using a 433 formation it works very well, 2.3 goals a game and only 0.5 conceded so its good tactic. the games of lost in the league were a 1-0 away at westbrom and a 2-0 away at spurs (they got a very good team), so its 2 away games which makes me think i need to work on my motivation. thanks for the tips so far guys, i am really liking this years FM even though i want to throw my laptop out the window on times, atleast its a real challenge this year (well for me it is). Johnny
Use experienced defenders. I nearly had an undefeated season once, but in one game my 19-year-old wonderkid centre-back got sent off for a two-footed lunge early on, and we lost 1-0, our only defeat.