Dec 30, 2009
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By this I mean a veteran who's career looks to be over after leaving a big club for free but then turns out to still be amazing ? I signed Rooney for West Ham when he was 33 and he's still ripping up the Premier league as an AMC
Almost. I signed Lescott for just under £500k in the 3rd season of my Arsenal save, I was already top of the league by far, but I had a few injury problems in defence. Anyway, he was transfer listed so I signed him because of his experience, fairly versatile and would be a good tutor, and he ended up being one of my best players in the rest of the season! Probably best bargain I've done so far...
I bought Jonas Ollson (DC) for 1mil on my zenit st petersberg save when he was 34, club legend within the first season, 4th highest goalscorer and the highest average rating i've ever seen in a season. i have absolutely no idea how it happened. Ac milan bought him for 4mil next season. Bizzare.
Roberto Pires in my QPR save I believe. Got him for free and he had a avg. rating of 8.5+ and got about 20 assists, then I sold him for 15m in my second or third season. Don't remember if it was fm12 or 13 though
I signed Beckham for Forrest in 3rd season as he became a free agent, played alot off the bench, but played well, and was a great tutor for my youth...