Anyone sticking with FM 16 for another year??

Not me. This is one of the few (FM14 was the other) I don't even consider keeping my may save going on.
I'll continue to play it but I still play 2010 onwards when the fancy takes me.
Yes - I think I'm going to stick with FM16. It turned into a journeyman save that took me from Southampton to Seattle Sounders (briefly), Sheffield Wednesday, Everton, Le Havre, Sheffield Wednesday (again), Sampdoria, Aston Villa, AFC Bournemouth, Bordeaux and back to Aston Villa via the England U21s. I have been sacked three times - by The Saints, Everton and in my first spell with Villa - due to boardroom takeovers, even though I had the teams playing well and getting results at the time, and I just got bored with the other teams I was managing.

But, I have finally got stuck into Aston Villa having re-joined them immediately after relegation to the Championship in the 2025/26 season. Two thirds of the squad demanded transfers, which I was happy to oblige, and I have rebuilt them to suit my preferred tactics with an emphasis on young English players. We romped to the Championship title with 106 points and now I have them mid-table in the Premier League going into February 2028, with the finances well under control, the youth facilities improved and all the necessary staff in place to start producing young players from the Villa Academy.

I have been impressed with the FM17 videos I have seen and there do seem to be some good improvements to the game, but FM18 should be better again. I play the game quite slowly, with the matches in Comprehensive View, but I have set myself the target of winning the European Champions Cup with Aston Villa in FM16 before FM18 comes out.
Gonna stick to it. Quite new to this. Got fm16 when it came out.
This is the first time I actually got over 4 season in my long time dream of winning the CL with Honved and the World Cup with Hungary, so yeah, I'll stick with it :D
This IMO has been the best FM I've played, and I've been playing it since the late 90s.
I'm sticking with this after a long term save i have just started a new save at level 9