Anyone use Telewest/Virgin TV?


Sep 22, 2005
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IF so how do you use the teleport on demand service. Im just not sure if i can use it in my room cos ive only got the absolute basic package. Does it come free or do I have to pay more? IF I have to pay, is it worth it?
I dont think you have to pay more if we are talking about the same thing.

Press on demand on your remote control{if you aint got that press interactive and then go to on demand} and then go to pick of the week which has free next to it. Then you can scroll through all the free repeats from the last week or so, other than that i'm not sure because I have only watched it for Balls of Steel repeats and obviously Countdown :p , think some stuff you may get charged for but it should tell you whats what. Then the rest of the on demand stuff is movies and other pay per view stuff.

But I have got a higher package so I dont know if that makes a difference. Try it out and see what happens.

Hope that helps!
I don't care to be honest i get sky plus in my room on sunday ( BUZZZZZZ)
Im with Telewest/Virginmedia. If you mean teleport tv, i think you only get that free if you have the supreme tv package. I have that mainly for the amount of kids channels for my daughter, but its very rare i use teleport tbh. Ive watched a few spooks on it but thats all really.

If you only have the basic package i think it may charge you per programme watched.

Oh and to use it press the telewest button, choose teleport tv then find a series you like and then just 'OK' on the episode you want.
im sure therare Ian Brown videos on, ondemand :)
Why would you want virgin tv? and why would you want to see Ian Brown VIDEOS.
Why would you want virgin tv? and why would you want to see Ian Brown VIDEOS.

Because of the phoneline we had somehow it was cheaper to have the most basic telewest channels than not to. No idea why but it was so I have it in my room.
I have got it but i am changing to sky because i miss sky sports news and sky one too much