Nov 21, 2010
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has anyone ever won an appeal for a sending off, i have been on playing this game from cm 01/02 to fm 11 and still never won an appeal, anyone any tips how to win one its really anoying
nope not ever won an appeal i have only amde it worse but i have won many many appeal for work permits
Yeah, never had one over turned, but I have been fined/blamed by my board or something like that for doing it too often...
Yep, a couple of times. I only appeal when post match says ref made major decision wrong.
i have won appeals for w/p, its just so annoying sometimes not winning an appeal. I found sometimes during the commentary it says the players may feel harsh about that one so I appeal them but still loose, its not like in real-life you at least win some appeal or reduce the ban
I only won a few appeals on my psp with fm10, but never with the pc version