Apple mac Lower league downloads FM10


Dec 27, 2010
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Hey Guys,

I've been looking for downloads that can be used easily for macs. I'd like the english leagues, as far down as they go would be great. I'm only new to the site, and havn't really been able to find anything,

Thanks in advance.
AFAIK, the DBs are not version specific as they are just XML files.

So you should be able to download this DB, for instance and it should work with your version.
I've downloaded it, when i go to open it is just just computer language written down. is there anything i need to do to get it working? i'm not the most computer literate person.
I have done some searching and I think you have to put the DB files in here on a Mac:
Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2011>editor data

Then when you start the game, you have the option to activate those DBs.
Ok, i have put it in to to editor data, and the game does load. However when i select it, it open in a smaller screen, which is ok but says

" Could not process rule group settings in editor data/english nls level 8.xml. English Northern Challenge cup -too many teams (22) requested from english northern premier league premier division (21 teams) "

It lets me play, but dosn't include english divisions.

Any Solutions???