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Apple MacBook Air 11"

Sep 27, 2014
Hi guys

im looking to purchase a new laptop, and was wondering what would be the best option for FM14/15.

I have my heart set on the 11" Apple MacBook Air, other than football manager I'd only use it for general surfing, playing online poker and for work.

Will it be able to run it well? Or should I opt for a cheap, ugly windows laptop?

thank you!


Super Duper Moderator
Jun 30, 2009
Well, with Macbooks, especially the "Air", you're not paying for good specs. You're paying for a cute little laptop with very little to brag about other than a rather slick OS and it weighing very little.

Now if that's what you want, then great, go for it. It will run FM, not spectacularly as the MacBook Air only has low range i5 processor and a measly 4GB of RAM. However, upgrade to the i7 turbo-boost processor and it will be able to compete much better with windows laptops.

Graphics-wise laptops suck.. Luckily, FM isn't particularly graphics orientated and you shouldn't worry to much for that, but if you're planning on playing any other game, your lack of RAM & almost non-existent graphics card will probably cause you to lose the will to live.

So yeah, if you want/need a MacBook Air, then get it.. But buy the upgrades!