May 3, 2010
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Hello Guys
I know this is posted in the General Discussionsection but it is actually for a story. I used this last year for a story. I will be chairman of Liverpool and whoever applys for the job and get it shall be manager. If i am not satisfied or readers are not satisfied you will get sacked. You need to have a good layout aswell. Please tell me if you are interested

What you MUST do.

1. You must provide a screenshot of every games result.

2. You must provide a screenshot of every games formation.

3. Everytime you select a team for upcoming matches, a screenshot must be given.

Basically, I need proof of all the game results and any other major things.


Name (the one you use in game):

Date of Birth (the one you use in game):

Favourite Club (the one you have in game):

1. You have decided to apply for the Liverpool's management job, what has made you apply?

2. How do you think you can improve the team, and how they perform?

3. What would you set yourself as a target over the next 5 years?

4. What makes you different to the other people that have applied?

5. Have you had any other managerial experience (on FM)?

6. How would you make the country like you?

7. What kind of football do you like to play?

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i have received one application so far.

Would like more.

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two applications so far :) anymore ?