Dec 18, 2010
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Hey guys, i have a question. Im currently managing Tottenham in 2018. And somehow i can't approach to sign players from premier league teams. For example, Neymar is at united and can be approached to sign. But whenever i try to approach a player from the premier league teams, the option 'approach to sign' doesn't appear. But it does appear when i try to go for players from other leagues. Can someone help me please?
you cant sign players with the option "approach to sign" ending contract in 6 months in uk
If you're a Premier League side who wants to sign someone from another Premier League side, you have to wait until they're in the very last month of their contract. Sides from foreign leagues only have to wait until six months are left.

To be pedantic, it's EPL players, not UK players that the rule applies to. The SPL counts as a foreign league and you can sign their players when they have six months to go. (Presumably Welsh and Northern Irish league players as well, though it's very unlikely that you'd want to.)