Are the negotiations fair in FM '11?


Sep 24, 2009
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I am at Real and get started off with a very measly transfer kitty. The squad currently there are superb but I do need a few players for backup.

Well anyway I wanted to go and get Neymar, after I've had a bid accepted for him, I realize how astronomically high his demands are for a player currently making $ 8K. The Real board had put in quite a few caps on everything so I couldn't get the agent to agree on the agent fee.. he wanted 2 mil max I could go was 1.2. So he ended up signing for Shaktar.. or whatever.

When I checked his contract he signed for 17K/pw and app fee 3K, when I couldn't go below 35K/pw approx and 11K app fee.

Next tried to sign Diego Renan, same thing with him.. wanted 12K/pw now and after 20 apps for club 34K/pw.. and app fee was around 9K. He later signed for 11K per week no after 20 apps this much **** and 1.5K app fee!!!?!?!?!?

I mean wth!?!?! how unfair is this for human managers.. have any of you signed either of these players for dirt cheap wages?
I signed Kadlec pretty cheap at n'castle. Same thing with Dzeko, Hazard, Alexis Sanchez and Mauro Formica at liverpool.
Perhaps the reason he those players signed elsewhere for less than you were offering is because you offered them backup/rotation staus rather than the likely key player/first team status the other teams offered.
Well I think this is fair as in IRL them and their agents will try and get the highest price.
Also I think the rep system comes into play here as due to past experience I have realised that the more richer the club, players will take the **** more and ask for more money.
My game is starting to get a bit out of hand. I'm playing a Chelsea save right now. They have quite a few aging stars that are going to be replaced over time. I have been given good transfer and wage allowances so far so I have been trying to pick up a couple of replacements each transfer window.

I got Neymar as a long term replacement for Anelka at striker for 26 mil in the first transfer window, and picked up Henrique as Lampards replacement in Jan for 15 mil. (would love to have Santos as a feeder club LOL) Come June of my second season I started looking for a replacement for Drogba as his contract was going to be up at the end of the year and he wasnt wanting to take a pay cut despite his declining stats. My first choice was Hulk but his team wouldnt even talk to me until I bid 25 mil. They countered with 40 mil. Kept looking around, Newcastle wanted 14 mil for Andy Carroll, no thanks. eventually signed Lukaku for 16 mil at decent wages.

The kicker though is this one. The entire 1st season I struggled with the AMR position. I had signed Farfain for that position pre season but because of injuries to him and others I think just about everyone that was able to play that position on the team had played it at some point during the season. So the June transfer window of season 2 I wanted to sign a back up for there. I looked around, not wanting to spend a ton of money I found a few players in the 2-3 mil value range. Finally settled on a kid named Carcela (sp). Had to pay 7 mil to get him but signed him through 2015 at 17,500 p/w.

He has languished around most of the 1st season not really doing much but filling that backup slot as I intended. I think he had 1 goal in about 10 games and his average rating was around 6.9. Its getting to be January and players are getting tired so I had a FA cup game so I start him with a few of the youngsters against a really bad team. Well he goes off, has a goal and an assist and a rating of like 8.4 for the game.

Immediately after the game I get a message from his agent saying because of his importance in helping us win this Key game that his client wanted to renegotiate his contract to better reflect his status on the team. My first reaction is to just hit the reject button and move on but curiosity got the better of me and I hit offer new contract. Well, he wanted 45,000 a week (more than Neymar and Lukaku) key player status, 2 mil signing bonus, plus 2.5 mil for the agent and a host of other ridiculous stuff. Needless to say, he's not very happy right now and has requested a transfer. I am actually kind of curious how this will play out.

They really need "laugh them out of the office" or a "dude your really not that good" or a "your 33 years old and your stats are declining, why would I give you a 40,000 p/w raise" response you can use during player interaction.
Its all about the rep at the club the higher the rep the more money the players will demand like in real life i suppose