Are there any helpful addons which help with my problem?


May 25, 2013
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Hi, I'm pretty new at the game, I've played before FM11 and 12 before but I wasn't trying to do anything spectacular. I just chose ManCity and bought the worlds best team and it was pretty much a faceroll.
But now I want a challange since I'm back playing (Playing FM12 btw, going to get 13 soon) and I'm pretty bad at the game. I chose Crawley because there was no way they were getting out of the Npowerleague2 and I wanted a challenge, I got promoted and now I'm doing horribly and it seems that my tactics nor anything is working out.
But i have got a problem
So when I purchase/sign players I don't look at the stats per se, I just get a scout to rate them and do that, but since i want to take the game to the next level and I don't want to get relegated from npowerleague1 I need to learn the game, by using tactics, training facilities, good signings which I haven't got from the internet.

It's a really complicated game, and when you're starting the information is all over the place and I was just wondering are there any addons which help you?
Like I'm not talking tactics which win every game because I want to be legit and create my own faceroll tactic.
What I'm talking about is like addons which help me choose my first team, or help me sign players by telling me if that player can play at a certain level.

Hope this wasn't as long a read I hope it will be.

BTW. anyone got any fun/informative youtubers that could help me by tutorials perhaps, or just playing the game.

How did you learn?
first of is your friend :D's not so difficult, although need some time to get on with well. previously I used fm 2006 before 2012. the differences are strangely huge, but I could learn things by my own.....and edited database also :)