Are there any leagues with a transfer window that is always open?


Nov 16, 2010
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as the title says really, i'd love to be able to send players out any time on loan and them get first team football
I don't mean this to sound as sarcastic as it probably will, but it wouldn't be a window if it was always open.
I don't think that there is, but I'll leave the thread open in case anyone proves me wrong on that.
The french league has the normal window like everyone in europe then they have a Joker window which is where you can sign a french player from any french team dunno if this helps
Its just so if I wanna take a player out on loan for first team football
The lowest league in England does I think.

The BSN/S window closes very late in the season, I think it was open from the beginning of the season until march, might be slightly ou on the closign date but it's definately the majority of the season.