Pretty lucky goal, Argentina have been dominant so far though.
Handball by Di Maria there that the ref didn't see.

Looks like Maradona's been giving him some lessons.

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2-0, Higuain.

Looked offside at first glimpse but replay showed he was on, well played by the linesman.
Thought he was offside too at first glance.

Just awful, awful defending really.
Keeper could of probably done a bit better aswell
Classic mistake by Demichelis. Someone clearly didn't shout "man-on" loud enough.

Argentina 2 - 1 South Korea

Should be an interesting second-half.
3-1, Higuain again, shame as South Korea seemed to be getting back into the game a lot but well done to Argentina anyway.

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4-1, Higuain hat trick, really well worked goal
Finally got a prediction right. Go me.

Good performance and some nice football from Argentina today, good game to watch.
Really nice display from Argentina. At some point they had some lazyness just like against Nigeria. But this time, they managed to take advantage of their scoring chances. The Argentina - Nigeria game could also have been easily 4-1 or 5-2. I am starting to believe that Maradona can pull it off. Its still early....but....apart from Spain and Germany, and maybe Mexico a bit, but honestly, the rest, not so much. Again its still early.