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Around the world in a bout 80 leagues! A journeyman challenge

Aug 19, 2012
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This challenge is me trying to play in every league possible that my computer could handle, from every continent. Unfortunately, some leagues don't work but there is enough to get me through to FM14. I decided to start in Morocco, because I had never managed in Africa.

My first season I went undefeated, and only lost to 1st divison outfit MAS Fes in the only cup in Morocco. I narrowly lost out on the title after being promoted first, by losing by 6 goals. I would of won it as well if it wasn't for a bad decision that I got criticise and not get in trouble!



Cost us the title.........

But anyway, I'm going to try and get to the Moroccan first division, and then move on!
Aug 19, 2012
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The Second season was truly tremendous. We scored about 140 goals, and conceded about 25. We were champions, and we go into the top league of Morocco with 83 points.

League Table, above

And league positions throughout the year

Players stats

And some written stats

Most goals for us in the league

1st Ali Hamdaoui 33

2nd Ismail Benali 32

3rd Sami Tran 30

Assists in the league

1st I.Benali 26

2nd S.Tran 22

3rd Tarik Benali 17

Most Goals total

1st I.Benali 39

2nd Ali Hamdaoui 35

3rd Sami Tran 32

Most Player of the Match award

1st Ismail Benali 10

2nd Sami Tran 8

3rd Mohamed Amrani 3

Highest Average Rating

1st I.Benali 8.36

2nd S.Tram 8.36

3rd Mo Amrani 8.33

Total Assists

1st I.Benali 28

2nd Sami Tran 27

3rd Tarik Benali 18

Most cup goals

I.Benali 7

Most assists in the cup

Sami Tran 5

Team Stats

The following lists how many times we scored a certain amount of goals in a game

9 goals: 2
8 goals: 2
7 goals: 4
6 goals: 1
5 goals: 7
4 goals: 6
3 goals: 4
2 goals: 3
1 goal: 3
0 goals: 1

Average possession:

Total amount of shots: ( Took me ages to count)

Total on target: Total off target


Player of the season:

Ismail Benali

Been played out of position until he was properly trained, but my word did he play. 39 goals, 28 assists, 10 PoM and an average rating of 8.36. He was outstanding.

Best game of the season:

This was our second game of the season, and it set the tone for the rest.