Array out of bounds error after new patch installed


Dec 20, 2006
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Help -

Before I installed the new patch everything was working fine. Now I have installed the **** thing I get the array out of bounds error either at half time or at the end of a game.

Also in player history every player seems to have played for Carlisle. When signiong players for millions it always shows Carlisle as the transferred club from.

Any suggestions ???
The only thing i can think of is reinstalling the game and then downloadin and reinstalling the patch! :( :|
Tried that a few times but still getting the same message. Will try a new game without the patch as it was ok before I installed it. Pain though as I am 5 season's in and edited most player ages so they stay in the game longer.
Did you ever think that maybe editing players was the cause of all this?
Have just come across this problem halfway through a first season in a new game after the latest patch was installed. It happened when trying to sign a player when i clicked on the 'offer contract' button.

His contract offer buttons were greyed out and he was asking for £0 a week.

Bonus if he accepts it though!! Oh and I havent edited anything at all
Well when I'm coding the array out of bounds error displays when I make a mistake in my code and try to select value 21 from an array that goes upto 20.

So I'm guessing here's nothing you can do about this, programmers error.