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Arsenal 4-4-1-1 Help Please


Jul 18, 2010
I am thinking of playing a 4-4-1-1 formation with Arsenal. The reason why I chose this formation is because when I use a 4-2-3-1 formation my AMR and AML do not track back which leaves my full back dealing trying to pick up two players. I have tried changing the tactical sliders to encourage my wingers to track back and even set my wingers to man mark the full back, but I am still getting the same problem. If anyone got any information on how to get my wingers to track back please let me know.
I read on the forum that the best way to get your wingers to support the full back is play them as part of flat midfield 4 as wingers with attack duty. My midfield two will be set to deep lying playmakers with support duty one of my midfielders will bet set to run from deep sometimes and the other will be stay back to help protect the back four. The full backs will be on support duty
My next question is how to play Robin Van Persie. I was thinking of playing him as an Advance Forward with Arshavin playing behind him as an Attacking Midfielder with Attack Duty. I was thinking of playing Van Persie has my AMC because he has the ability to play as an AMC, with training he could become a natural in the AMC position. I would then buy a real goal getting striker like Benzema, Cavani or Torres (maybe i will give Walcott a go)
The last time I played 4-4-1-1 was in CM 2005 so if anyone can give me advice on how to set this up with my Arsenal team in terms of player roles and tactical set that would be great
I am using an updated database so I have Arteta, Gervinho, Santos, Benyoune, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain and Park (South Korean Striker)


Dec 25, 2010