Jun 30, 2013
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I just started playing FM13 and it is amazing, but I have never played this game before and some things are quite confusing.

So it would be amazing if you recommend some players for me to buy and sell. I used FM finance editor to start off with £70m.

I was also wondering whether you could tell me a good formation to use and how I should use my players, what shall I get them to do? e.g. Giroud to act as a poacher?
What tactics do you recommend
I have never managed Arsenal in FM13, but I think you should check out this thread for help.

As for tactics/formations, I'd recommend this one. You'll play attractive, attacking football, a bit like Barcelona. Within a couple of seasons you should average about 75% possession. I have managed to get some amazing results with the tactic - leading Walsall from being predicted to be relegated, to eventually finishing 4th. (I was in top 2 for pretty much the whole season, just a couple of bad results at the very end screwed me up.)
Mr Langvatn's 4-1-4-1 Rock Classic 13.3.3 Tactic is by far the best and most consistent out there.
Player's I usually get are:
Kara - Genk - DC (Beast if you set him to attack near post on corner kicks, double figure goals in a season for sure)
Simao - Shandong - DMC (Free if you wait till start of second season)
Viktor Fischer - Ajax - AML, AMC and for the tactic suggested ML with some training

As for what to set your players to ie. poacher, target man well just leave the tactic as it is and let the results roll in. I do think that a complete forward type like Falcao or Lewandowski is the best fit, I found Cavani at Napoli worked well, Not sure what type Giroud is maybe more of a target man?

If I think of any other players ill let you know.

Have fun:)
This should generally be your starting lineup in the first season:

GK: Szczesny

LB: Gibbs
CB: Verm/Kosc
CB: Mertesacker
RB: Buy a new RB, sell Sagna (Reccomended RBs below!)

DM: Buy a DM (See below)
CM: Arteta/Ramsey/Might want to buy a new CM

AMR: Cazorla
AMC: Wilshere
AML: Oxlade/Podolski

ST: Giroud

Buy a new:
RB: Corchia, Peruzzi, Danilo, De Sciglio
DM: M'Vila, Lars Bender, Capoue, Fellaini, Gustavo, Wanyama
CM: Isco, Fellaini, Fabregas!
AMR/AML: Douglas Costa, Hulk
Young striker: Maupay, Fierro, Argentinean who plays for Velez (Someone will know who I mean)
If nobody's got him, get Fellaini. £28m will do the trick. Prepare to spend big on wages though. Use Mr Langvatn's 4-1-4-1 Rock Classic and play him in the DM slot.
thanks for the replies and is the argentinean ferrarya or something similar, I have him on my FM Handheld game