Nov 23, 2010
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Right, so I'm currently using Raikans Complete Madness 433 tactic and need the following positions on a £25 mil budget:

RB (Sagna injured)
AMR or AML (selling Gerv)

Getting rid of squillaci, Gerv, Mannone hopefully.
Sell squilaci , arteta , gervinho , arshavin, diaby , rosicky and andre santos i got around 28million for them all. That gives you around 53million to spend...

for left back go for Alaba if you can, but Gibbs becomes really good so i suggest using him.. same for Jenkinson at RB... Defensive midfielder, im not too sure... you could go for Fellaini for 27million, give like 8million up front and the rest in monthly installments.. i bought Bernard (VERY expensive) and he was a beast at AML , but Draxler will do the job , AMR i think you're okay with Cazorla/Chamberlain and Walcott and for Striker , Falcao socred 50 goals for me in all competitions (knocked out of Champions League at the 1st knockout round) .. he'll be expensive though, but well worth it.. again you can pay most of it in monthly installments.
Arshavin already off on a free, rosicky and Santos injured for a while.
Arshavin already off on a free, rosicky and Santos injured for a while.

Hmm... go try for Jovetic than instead of Falcao, before Chelsea snap him up. You should be able to afford Jovetic, Draxler and Fellaini if you structure the transfers properly.
Wallace for rb hes 18 years old got a really good stars for the future cost me 4.4 Mill hes a beast if u play him all the time he gets really good and progresses qucikly he was really good for my newcastle save.

James rodriguez from porto can play AMR AML AMC and other postions hes a beast he scored about 20+ a season for me in AMC