Dec 19, 2010
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Right am going to start a new season with Arsenal. Win some trophies, can anyone just reccommend some star players for me to buy.

Have £25 million to spend and I also know the board will back me with 1 star player.

Need a striker to partner Van Persie.

Can people help with best roles for RVP and Fabregas .

Appreciate the help people. ..

As a strike partner i would suggest Fernando Llorente has done wonders for my Liverpool side got me 32 goals last season in the league and 13 so far this season and not even half way through yet. To find the best roles have a look at this site have used it before and i have always found it very useful.
best positions for Chamakh and Dzeko ??

Might sign Griffiths as i signed him with hearts and went to premiership banged in 20 goals for sunderland
Play RVP on the right, as an inside forward, fantastic for me and Chamakh as a lone Target man, works brilliantly!
Fabregas-Advanced playmaker support or if hes next to a more attacking cm deep lying playmaker support.
Use Chamakh as Van Persie's partner, his stats don't seem great but he bangs them in. He was scoring over a goal a game for me on my save. Play him as a target man.

Van Persie did well for me as a complete forward - support or poacher.

Fabregas as an Advanced Playmaker.
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Fabregas - Advanced Playmaker - Attack
Van Persie - Complete Forward/Deep Lying/Advanced/Poacher
Chamakh - Target man/Complete Forward
Agree Chamakh works well with RVP using Target Man and Advanced Forward settings. Vela was doing well in the first season until I neglected him and he lost form.

Dzeko is a great signing to accompany RVP if you have the cash. Sanogo is also good for a future prospect.

Maybe Neymar would be good using his pace to compliment RVP's slightly stronger play? Not sure about this as I didn't end up taking the plunge with Neymar.