Feb 29, 2012
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Arsenal, one of the largest clubs in England, in the world, have recently started to fall behind their competitors in the Premier League. With the likes of Tottenham and Manchester City putting up a fight with the previously dominant teams, Arsenal find themselves losing key-players during every transfer window.
Players that are hard to replace, players Arsene Wenger have failed to replace.

After a long discussion with the board, both parties have decided to part ways.
As of today, Arsene Wenger is no longer the manager of Arsenal Football Club.

His place will be taken by unknown Welsh manager, Aeron Caddock who have recently come back the the UK after spending a few years coaching College teams in the United States.
The club is looking for a fresh start after Arsenes long reign, and with no top names being interesting enough or available, the task has fallen upon this man, will he chock everyone with a success, or will he fail leaving Arsenal even further behind?


The new season starts off, as usual, with some friendly games.
This year we played two games in Europe before heading over to China to do some marketing and show off a bit in front of the huge Chinese market.
Perhaps it can bring us some extra revenue.


After a bad start losing to some team I've never heard of over in the Czech Republic, we got a bit better to draw against Dutch FC Twente. Considering we were letting many reserve-team players get some time on the pitch, and with a few injuries, I'd say this is an okey result. Nothing I can't live with.
Our trip to china went better, even if we didn't play our stars on full time we still got two solid wins where we showed some good passing and somewhat emberassed the Chinese teams, but not too much for them to start hating us.
The best part about the pre-season games and training is that none of our players picked up any injuries, so ahead of the Premier League start we will have most of our players fit. Exceptions are Frimpong, Wilshire and Rosicky who were injured before I even got here.


This year the board gave me some huge funds to work with, and with a few players leaving with big price tags, I was capable of signing almost anyone out there. I focused on young players who had proven themselves somewhat already, but with talent still waiting to bloom.
Some players are here mostly for securing the future, but the really good ones like Varane, Alaba Wanyama and Ayew will have some preassure on them to perform from the get-go.
Mertesacker being too slow, Santos being too weak defensively, Djorou taking too long to develop, Gervinho not performing and Chamakh being a disappointment were all thrown out of here as soon as I got a decent bid.

So what do you think, is this something we can work with? Someone I should've gotten instead, someone I should've kept?



I will mostly play with a lone striker in the centre, letting Walcott prove himself as a striker before I consider someone else. With his pace he is bound to get something done up there with a bit of confidence.
With two inside forwards that will look to cut in from the flanks, I feel we will have plenty of power to shake even the better teams defences. To the right I will let our young starlet Oxlade-Chamberain make his mark, with Nathan Redmond challenging him for the spot. This is also where Walcott will play if I deem him unfit to play as a striker. To the left I will most likely play Ayew, who can also play in the centre if needed, a really versitile player. If he's not on the left, German international Podolski is most likely to play in that spot, if he can't perform then both "The Ox" and Redmond can play on both flanks.

I will play with two central midfielders, one a bit more offensive than the other. Here I will look to rotate a bit as I want Cazorla, Arteta, Ramsey and Wilshere to all get some time on the field. Now that McCarthy has joined, he is also bound to get some games in him as I in the future hope to have an all British midfield with him, Ramsey and Wilshere leading our team from the centre.
Behind them my new african signing Wanyama will stand strong in a more defensive midfield role. At 188cm and great physical strenght he will make it really hard to get past. Frimpong will be the reserve for this position with both Arteta and McCarthy being able to play here if it's necessary.
Against teams I believe to be weaker, I will sometimes play with an attacking midfielder instead of a defensive one. That will be the place for Wilshere or Cazorla in those games, as they both excell in that position behind the striker.

In the back I have brought in three of the most promising defenders in the world. David Alaba, Austrian left wing-back who got his break in Bayern Münich last year and has already played 19 international games at an age of 20. He will go straight into the starting eleven with Kieran Gibbs backing us up on that position if we need to rotate or if there is an injury. The other two are Papadopoulos and Varane coming from Schalke and Real Madrid respectively who will contend for the two central positions with Koscielny and Vermaelen who are both more experienced and there will probably be some rotation here to get the both talents some time. This will be a very competative position in this year's Arsenal. The best will play, no matter the age.
To the right we have our good man Bacary Sagna who is one of few players staying at Arsenal even with other teams wanting his service. A great right wing-back both forward and back, pacey strong and a hard worker. To back him up I got German youngster Zimmermann from Gladbach who have shown some tendencies of what he's capable of. Not a starting man yet but with time he might become one.

In the position between the posts I've made no changes. I consider Szczesny a good young goalkeeper and I really want to give him a chance to properly develop here. Already a first-team goalie at the age of 22 in the Premier League, there is no doubt about what he's capable of. His countryman Fabianski will have to keep warming the bench unless our first man is injured with the posibility that he'll get some games in the cups we are in, to keep him in relative shape.

Me, Aeron Caddock.
I will make this team work hard for their fans, I will make them sacrifice themselves for the team, I will make them win.

Start of the Season

Now the real season starts and we'll see what we are capable of!

Arsenal 4-0 Wigan

Theo Walcott
(7, 24, 36)
André Ayew (16)

An easy game from start to finish, the lad really did their job in this game.
66% possession and 26 shots vs. 5. A hat-trick from Walcott in the first game is amazing, perhaps he really is a man for the striker position?
Also a good debut from Ayew who got a goal, and Cazorla who got two assists.

Southampton 1-4 Arsenal

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
Theo Walcott (31, 41, 81)
Rickie Lambert (49

We were not as dominant in this game but more efficient, "only" 16 shots this game while Southampton got 10 off, and a 56% possession advantage going our way.
Walcott did it twice in a row, three goals again and o'boy what a great start from him and the team!

Arsenal 4-1 Swansea

Theo Walcott (26, 74)
Alejandro Faurlin (36)
André Ayew (47)
Santi Cazorla (54)

Another four goals from us, and once again the others got a consolation goal.
Walcott got another two goals to his name and we had a total of 59% possession. We seem to be pretty good at controlling the game against teams that are weaker on paper.
We are now on top of the league with Walcott as the best goalscorer so far.

Aston Villa 2-3 Arsenal

Darren Bent (Penalty 1, 21)
Santi Cazorla (Penalty 3)
Nathan Redmond (13)
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (83)

A really tight game where Darren Bent got a goal in the very first minute when the referee made a bad call to give Villa a penalty. Thankfully we got a correct one short thereafter and even got another goal in before Bent went forward once more and equalized.
The Ox got a late goal that got us the three points and continued 1st place in the league.
It was not a very good game from our side, but seeing as we struggled and still got a win I'm glad.

Arsenal 2-3 Ajax

James McCarthy (10)
Bacary Sagna 2nd Yellow Card (40)
Kyriakos Papadopoulos (59)
Siem de Jong (63)
Kolbeinn Sigþórsson (65, 90+3)

Agonizing really. We were two goals up and totally controlled the game all the way trough. Out of 4 shots on target, Szczesny managed to save a single one.
The late winning goal stung.
This is only the first Champions League game from me so I hope we will be able to turn this around and win the group as I believe us being capable of.

Newcastle 4-0 Arsenal

Demba Ba (9, 22)
Papiss Cissé (24, 69)
Fabrício Coloccíni 2nd Yellow Card (71)

Statistically, if you don't count the goals, it was a tight fight.
But then they had Ba and Cissé, ridiciolously good strikers.
Seems we are a bit weaker out of the league but let's hope that it doesn't spill over there in our next game.
I'm happy this result didn't happen in any other competition, the Capital One cup is not really my priority but still annoying to be knocked out this early.

Arsenal 3-2 Chelsea

David Luíz (9)
Theo Walcott (33)
Natahn Redmond (35)
André Ayew (57)
Juan Mata (77)

There you go!
Another win, against a really good team this time, and once again we totally dominated on the pitch but they got a lucky second goal after a misplaced pass by Kozcielny or the result would've looked more comfortable as was the reality of it.
Walcott is a man for the league so far but hopefully he'll get going in the next game in the Champions League.
We started this game with an all British midfield consisting of Ramsey, Wilshere and McCarthy and they all did a good job before Wilshere had to be substituted, he isn't really fit for 90 minutes just yet.

Arsenal Player of the Month
(This time including the first two games in August)

Theo Walcott
Scoring 9 goals in 5 league games is really tough to beat, has been terrific!

League Table

Good story, Nice signings a lot of money though! and Wickham was a bold move and I think £10m is way over his value. But nice job in the league always found it hard in the first season to have a good win in both the league and CL it was always either or.
Good story, Nice signings a lot of money though! and Wickham was a bold move and I think £10m is way over his value. But nice job in the league always found it hard in the first season to have a good win in both the league and CL it was always either or.

Thank you. Yes I know, but I had money to spend so I thought "why not?". Wickham never goes for cheaper on my saves, and I wanted a British striker that could maybe be of some use right away, I'll try to make him worth it.
Yes, I've noticed that so far as well with a slow start in Europe while the league goes well enough.
Thank for reading and commenting!


This month we will try to keep our good form in the league while also managing to qualify for the next stage in the champions league. It will be hard but there's too much money in the CL to pass it up, I might have to rotate some in the league games that are close so that my top players are fit for fight when we go abroad or have visitors from far away.

Galatasaray 2-2 Arsenal

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (10, 70)
Burak Yilmaz (17)
Selcuk Inan (27)

We got more shots of but other than that it was an even affair really. Galatasaray are really hard to beat over in Turkey so I can't say I'm all too disappointed with a draw as I think we have a good chance of beating them when they visit us in London. Some great plays by The Ox to get us that one point in a game where Walcott seemed awfully pale.

Arsenal 2-2 Manchester City

Theo Walcott (4)
Natahn Redmond (45+1)
Edin Dzeko (79)
Kolo Touré (86)

Annoying points to lose here seeing as we had a 2-0 lead in the half time break.
We were also the most active team offensively with plenty of chances, too many missed ones, but City was effective enough to get away with one point.
The players seemed to get a bit too tired and un-focused in the end and it cost us the victory here, perhaps next time I'll see to that there are some more defensive substitutions while we're protecting a lead against top opposition.

Stoke 2-5 Arsenal

Santi Cazorla (23)
Matthew Etherington (36)
Olivier Giroud (40, 43)
Peter Crouch (45+3)
André Ayew (55)
Raphaël Varane (61)

A good win against a Stoke whos defense is mostly capable of keeping the score down even when losing.
Good of Giroud to score two off the bench and Varane to get his first goal for the club with a strong header.
This win lets us stay at the top of the table, where I believe we belong. The young lads did a good job and you can see they are always eager to score more and do better. I've seen some really good improvements in training already.

Theo Walcott out for 6 months with a broken leg!

The Leading goalscorer in the Premiere League, Arsenals Theo Walcott, is out for half a year with a broken leg after a tough challenge in the game against Stoke.
Walcott has so far scored 10 goals in just 7 games for Arsenal and is a big contributer to their good form in the league, will they be able to keep it up without him?

Aeron Caddock: "The Theo we've seen so far this season is not someone we can replace, it's just typical that he would get injured while he's in the form of his life. Still I have faith in the team and that we will be able to cope without him, we won't be that Arsenal anymore, the Arsenal who stand and fall with the presence of one player.
We have options for the striker position, and while Theo is away, we will do our very best to make sure he returns to a club that's still on top, as we were when he left."

Arsenal 3-2 Zenit

Aaron Ramsey (18)
Olivier Giroud (57, 86)
Victor Faizulin (68)
Alexandr Bukharov (73)

A hard fought game that we finally managed to get three points from in the end.
Once again Giroud scored twice and let's pray he can keep up this form in Walcotts absence.
We went up by two before Zenit started to claw themselves back in the game to make it more exciting and nervous than what was needed.
I'm a bit disappointed with Szczesny so far this season as he's not been very stable at all, making mistakes every now and then and never really impressing between the posts.

Arsenal 1-1 Norwich

Kieran Gibbs (9)
Grant Holt (28)

Terrible efficiency from us here. We had 60% possession and 27 shots against their 7 and still they got it to a draw.
Giroud was not as clinical today as he's been in the two games before and that cost us. Wilshere still hasn't found his form after his injury, we will need him on top soon as the league and hopefully Champions League goes on.

Arsenal Player of the Month

André Ayew has been a consistant performer this month, adding to his goals and assists while always presenting an option for us and a threat for the opposition.

Premier League

A very good start to your season picking up some very good young players, try Will Hughes he has been amazing for me on various saves check out my West Brom story to see my young stars .


Sunderland 0-0 Arsenal

Not a boring game really, even with the lack of goals. We had many chances but didn't manage to get them in.
Good defensive work by Varane and Papadopoulos who seem to be getting to know eachother well, both on and off the pitch. A dream-duo in the making?

Zenit 1-3 Arsenal

Thomas Vermaelen (27)
Olivier Giroud (29, 45)
Alexandr Kerzhakov (37)

Lovely to get another win in the Champions League. It's never easy to travel to Russia and get a win, especially lately with all the money that the clubs are throwing around signing top class players such as Hulk and Witsel.
Giroud had a good game and had chances on a hat-trick, but I shouldn't complain. It was an even game where we were offensively more powerful. Good work.

Reading 2-2 Arsenal

Noel Hunt (27)
André Ayew (48)
Ian Harte (Penalty 55)
Nathan Redmond (64)

The players were a bit tired after the latest away game in cold Russia and never really got going in this slow game against Reading. One penalty given away a bit too easy had us fighting for even one point today.
Alaba had a good game at the left and got a nice assist as well.

Q.P.R. 1-5 Arsenal

Santi Cazorla (4, 27)
James McFadden (16)
James McFadden Own Goal (25)
Lukas Podolski (79)
Kyriakos Papadopoulos (90+1)

Another away game, all the traveling is taking it's toll on us.
The result doesn't really speak the truth about this game, Q.P.R. were good and actually controlled the game pretty well, we just got all our shots in goal. 4 on target, and 4 goals plus one own goal.
Poor McFadden who put it in his own net after having equalized earlier on.

Ajax 1-1 Arsenal

Nicolai Boilesen (15)
Olivier Giroud (89)

Ajax keep giving us problems. An even game but we had to wait until the very end before Giroud managed to get the ball behind their keeper. An important point that can prove to be crucial as we fight to qualify for the next round.

Olivier Giroud scoring a late equalizer giving Arsenal fans hope in Europe

Arsenal 2-0 West Ham

Thomas Vermaelen 2nd Yellow Card (46)
James McCarthy (60)
Kieran Gibbs (64)

Finally back at home, and with that a win. Possession wise we were dominant with 60%, but West Ham got their chances anyways and had us a bit shaken especially after we were down one man.
But we saw it through and two players got to score, something that they don't do all too often, McCarthy and Gibbs.

Arsenal 2-0 West Brom

Olivier Giroud (18)
Santi Cazorla (Penalty 62)

A total crush of a game. Only two goals but we had 62% possession and 36 shots vs. their 8. They never stood a chance really. Good to see Giroud scoring in the league, Walcott's shoes are some to fill.

Arsenal Player of the Month

Kyriakos Papadopoulos
The young Greek defender has started many games in the centre defense lately as his form is on top, few mistakes together with a strong presence in the air gives this young lad my best praises for this month.