Arsenal snap up striker Da Silva

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Aug 23, 2006
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Arsenal sign Croatian striker Eduardo da Silva from Dinamo Zagreb for an undisclosed fee.

Why are we buying players for the future/that are unknown. We need a class striker who we know can perform in the premiership to replace henry!!
According to ssn it was a fee of around 16.5 million. OUCH!
Eduardo is good. He is class on fm aswell. he tore the english defence apart when you played that lot. Good signing if you ask me.
Not a bad signing, but for that supposed price, should'nt have bought him.
i heard that it was actually only 8m, someone on ssn I think. 16m is prob alot for him cos he's not proven like Henry, but like Kris says if he's anythin like he is on FM he'll pwn :p
Yeh it was deffinately around the £8m mark not £16m. Wenger isn't that stupid, except for Jeffers. :D
Lol..Hopefully wenger has made the right choice on this one and everything should happy ever after :)