Babacar, Neymar, Lukaku. Rooney is the best, but he's not under 24 so he fails to meet your criteria :)
Babacar, Neymar, Lukaku. Rooney is the best, but he's not under 24 so he fails to meet your criteria :)

Thanks for those players, Rooney was very good so I decided to include him although he's 26, so should I sign Rooney?
When I play as Arsenal I use a creative, complete forward, which Rooney epitomises. But I'd hate to see Rooney move to the Gunners ^.^
Sounds like u've made the decision to sign Rooney already tbh.
No I'm still awaiting others' opinions but I'm slowly shifting towards buying Rooney, it's just that although he's brilliant, do the others not have the potential to be as good in the future?
Well,i strongly recommend Welliton from Spartak Moscow.You can get it for 16-34 millions,and really worths his money!I signed him at Arsenal for 26 millions,played him in front with Van Persie and he was great.And one more advantage:he can play as Attacking Midfielder.I believe you can take a look at Eugene Konoplyanka(21 years,Dnipo,very classy,i sign him at any team i manage),Bas Dost,Alexis Sanchez,Matias Defederico.

I hope it helped you!
Buying Rooney for Arsenal seems a bit unrealisic to me, as I like to keep a hint of realism to keep me from becoming bored of the game, so I would go for Yaya Sanogo, Khouma Babacar or Neymar, they all become very good and score you bags of goals, try slightly changing your tactics for one of these players, set them as a Poacher or try Target man, run onto ball. Enjoy!
Thanks everyone, I think I'll go for both Yaya Sanogo and Khouma Babacar as they are strong and good at heading and finishing which is pretty much what I need right now to increase my team's offensive capabilities.
What about Hulk? Looks a beast in every game I've seen him (and always scores against me)
What wrong with using Chamakh? He's on fire in my game. 15 games, 23 goals and 7 assists. He's keeping neymar, sanogo and babacar out of the time. Btw, I'm using 442. RVP is the first choice striker. The next slot is pretty much up for grab.
I play a 4-4-2 and Hulk has too low composure and I knew people would recommend him. I do use Van Persie and Chamakh who are both incredible, and Vela sometimes gets into the team as his stats are getting really good, but I need a 4th striker which is why I made this thread.