Jan 19, 2013
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I previously had an Arsenal save going ridiculously well, I'd signed a lot of big players in the transfer window and was turning it into a project, trying to maximise the potential of several youngsters. In that save, the board gave me £34m(ish) to begin with. I then started another save and foolishly forgot that my Arsenal game would be overwritten as it was an autosave, and I lost all the progress. Trying to start it again and play up to the point I did before, the board will not give me any transfer funds. Not really sure why?

On your first save how far in were you? and what had you won? If you were at the club for a long time and won a lot the board would've trusted you and gave you big budgets but coz you've started a new game, and your new to the club (?) they won't trust you (especially arsenal) with a lot of money. :)
Usually the board makes more funds available around November for me. I haven't spent hardly anything the past couple of seasons though so they are giving me tons now.
Do you mean they are giving you nothing at all?

If so, when you started up, you need to tick the box that says something along the lines of "Allow First Season Transfers". It is just below where you select what league's to load :)
On my first save I was around November in the second season, having won the Champions League, but it was right at the start of the game that I was given £34m, I was under the impression the budgets do not change. I have the box ticked but somehow it's still doing this - very annoying. Leaving it alone to start a LLM save for a while, will come back to it later!