Feb 6, 2011
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Just started playing Arsenal and want to play with three playmakers on centre midfield: Fabregas, Nasri and Hamsik. Is that too offensive?

Also, my scout tells me Diaby probably is better than Hamsik, does anyone know about Diaby?

Please answer, Thx :)
Arsenal should have only one playmaker as far as I know. And that's Fabregas. Past experience tells me that Diaby is ****. Use Song.
If you are using three CM's, i recommend to use Song as Ball Winning, Cesc as Adv. Playmaker and Diaby/possible new signing as a box to box
You crazy if u want to play with 3 playmakers, than fabregas will do ****, Nasri is better on wing. I play second season, Arshavin (natural) or Nasri (not yet natural) on left wing, Theo Walcott (natural) on right wing and Fabregas, Ramsey or Wilshere as midfielders, Song as DMC.
Also use Wilshere on right wing if you have packed centre mid. Did great for me there.
You can have Fabregas as a Deep-Lying Playmaker and Hamsik as a Advanced Playmaker, with Nasri as a Central Midfielder on Support, but with high creativity.

And no, Diaby is not better than Hamsik. Diaby is inconsistent and is more or less a substitute player. Should be used in the same role suggested for Nasri.
Thx, won 4-0 straight away.

Would you reccomend playing 4-2-3-1 with wingers or 4-5-1? Song is out for about two months
i think nasri should be on the wing
song instead of diaby.
dont know why but i've always liked diaby but in fm he is a squad player at best for arsenal
Off-topic: Play Wilshere as a Right sided inside forward like Quasit mentioned above. He is immense. Look at this screenie of him after my second season. (He played both seasons on that right wing).
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On-topic: Don't play three playmakers in the centre. It will never work. For one, you need a ball winner in there to win tackles and pass to the playmakers. Second, one (or even two) of your playmakers is bound to be overshadowed by the others and hence he will do pretty bad. TBH, I really don't know why you signed Hamsik for Arsenal. Arsenal are the most well equipped side in the EPL as far as playmakers are concerned. The best thing in your case might be to move Nasri to the left wing, where he is awesome, and then play like a Barcelona-style with probably Fabregas as a deep-lying playmaker, and Hamsik as an Advanced playmaker with Song as a BWM/Defensive Midfielder.
If you did sign Hamsik, which I agree is least he does make an awesome regular MC/attack, he doesn't need to be the playmaker. I used him there when I signed him on a team that had Ozil. He doesn't need to dominate the ball or dictate the tempo, natural at MC, he does play some defense, he'll be great there.

I would go Hamsik at MC-attack, Fabregas at Adv. Playmaker-Support, and Song at DMC - role depending on strength of opposition. Shuffle Nasri and Wilshire at those positions as well as the wings. But you definitely have more good players than you need.
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If you already signed Hamsik, use him as box to box for sure.
Hello guys. I have played whole season my Arsenal team. And Im just in a half of second one. My few notes.
1. I play 4222 tactics, non symetric. Two strikers - Walcott and Chamakh (Persil). AMC is Arshavin (inside forward) and AML is Nasri. Walcott played much better in attack than right wing.
MC are Fabregas and Song (Sissoko from Touluse). Cesc is playing on role deep lying playmaker or adv playmaker but really no revelations.
Now Ive got questions what is the best role for Cesc? Im training him to AMC position where he could change Arshavin.
I would strongly advice not to used 3 MCs. Arsenal really dont need Hamsik. They have perfect squad in midfield. Wilshere is amazing and still have Ramsey. I have bought Sissoko but Song play better for now.
I would like to know guys where do you use Cesc and what role do you assign him?
Thanks guys
But as many others, I now have really troubles finding the right role for cesc
I've tried him as advanced playmaker, deeplying, central midfielder and box-to-box
He got 8 gls and 18 asst in 52 matches last season, and so far in my second he's got 1 goal and 4 assists in 16 games
I would buy Alou Diarra- Buy out clause of 6 million he is usuially solid in the centre of midfield