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Jul 18, 2010
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Has anyone tried pushing their full backs up to wing back position. I am playing 4231 with Arsenal and I have Sagan and Clichy in the Wing Back positions Sagna is on Wing Back Attack and Clichy is Wing Back support. Sagan gets forward and puts crosses into the box whenever Walcott cuts inside. I read on other forums that you should have one wing back attacking and the other a bit more defensive so that you have enough protection agiainst counter attacks.

If clichy is set to wing back support will that make him stay back more and help out in defence or should I have him on wing back defend. I have Song is set to ball winning midfielder defend in the MRC position. I have read that having Ball Winning Midfielder should move over and cover the flank when the wing back goes forward. Can anyone help to set up Song's tactical intructions so that he covers the right side.

Jack Wilshire is in the MLC position has a box to box midfielder, because of Jack Wilshire's role I have decided to have Clichy on support because wilshire does not have a defensive duty so he may not cover the left side well if Clichy was set to wing back attack