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Oct 19, 2023
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I'm excited to share my first FM24 creation: a tactical guide on replicating Mikel Arteta's Arsenal in FM2024. Having spent hours analysing the Gunners under Arteta, I've crafted a tactic that captures the unique roles and strategies employed by this Premier League side.

From the intricacies of Zinchenko's inverted wingback role to the genius of Odegaard in the advanced playmaker position, this tactic dives deep. It's not just about capturing the attacking brilliance; I've also detailed defensive philosophies that ensure balance and dominance on the pitch.

If you're keen to implement Arteta's vision in your FM2024 save, this is the perfect guide to elevate your managerial prowess.

Learn more and download here

I'm eager to hear your feedback, experiences, and any tweaks you might suggest after trying out this tactic.

PS. The results are good!
more depth needed if you want people to download this tactic. especially results.
To be fair, is this tactic about results or more about emulating Arteta’s tactics?
lets go


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