As Simple As It Gets - New Facepack

Looks like you've just got pictures off the internet and put them into FM.

Don't like them tbh. Try putting an effect on them, or cutting them out etc.
In the example it looks like you've got two images on top of each other.
Yes the idea is As Simple As It Gets. Try to get some people work on a template with nation/name/opacity etc. And where are you getting your pics mate - are you a pro photographer?
And now I do a lot of work on them to make them look HQ. Simple reaserch takes 2-3 hours per team.

And there are lots of cuts and such - but they all rather small or unwanted (as my Action Cuts).

My mistake - I've played with playerprofile.xml and it looks odd now (basically it can even show 3 pics in different locations...). Will post more screenies once I finish the Bundesliga megapack (which should be within 3-4 weeks).

Any requests folk?