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Oct 6, 2008
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This story follows the careers of 5 best friends who met each other at a footballing academy named ASE Academy in London. These players are the brightest prospects to come out of the Academy and in this story we will be watching them mature as players, experiencing the highs and the lows of a professional footballers career. Some may not even make it but that's what we are here to discover.

About ASE​
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Academy for Sporting Excellence, also known as ASE is a professional sports academy based in North London. Founded in 1992, by psychologist, International athlete and coach to Olympic champion, Michael Bruce. Michael developed the fEuzion T.A.P.E.S System ®, after years of study and travel throughout the world, studying the different technical approach to sports.

The world of football is currently going through a revolution that is irrevocably changing the way the game is played, this sporting revolution means that a footballer can no longer rely on football ability alone, with the influx of foreign players, the benefits of athletic ability is now gaining prominence in our strive for success, meaning that an athlete must first of all be fit to train before the specifics of their relevant sports can be applied, thus ensuring successful sports specific transference and success, my measurers are very simple, Technical Excellence, Athletic Fitness, and Psychological Mind Set.

A leading Premiership Academy Directors recently quoted that, between the ages of 12-16 a Spanish, French and Italian players receive, twice as much hours on the ball than their English counterparts, those four years are critical he quotes, the most important years both physically and technically, making it difficult to catch up at 17-18. Since moving into football, from athletics, ASE has had immediate success graduating a number of players, to some of our top academies and COE, including, Arsenal, Chelsea, THFC, West Ham, Dagenham & Redbridge, Charlton and Wycombe with many other academies benefiting from our unique system.

(I will be running this on FM13, each player has been given a PA of 195 so we shall see if they live up to expectations)
Lets meet the players

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First up is the Greek beast Paul Psilos. A fantastically gifted player, all the staff at ASE have extremely high hopes for this lad.
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Next we have Gino Marzzoni the Italian Stallion, a rock at the centre of defence many people are calling this young man the next nesta or maldini
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Thirdly, we have Sheku Dos Santos the future of English football hopefully, a keen striker with a good eye for goal could he and a few other be the ones that change Englands luck in competitions
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Next up is James Wynne, a flamboyant winger with all the skills needed to be a future superstar, he's not afraid to get at his man and has a bit of flair which the English wings have been lacking.
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Finally we have the scottish tyke Sean Black, do not be fooled by his 5'5 appearance this guy has immense talent and certainly knows how to play football. Often likened to Paul Scholes and Xavi this young man has a bright future ahead of him

next update : Transfers
Where are they now

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Paul Psilos signs for PAOK
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Gino Marzzoni signs for Inter Milan
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Dos Santos at Manchester United
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James Wynne at WBA
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And Sean Black signs for his beloved Celtic
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Unfortunately for Sean....
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But Luckily for James he has already made it big time, playing his first ever professional game at the age of 15
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Our Record Breakers
Next update : January 2013
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Nice mate, taking the player story to the next level. Some real gems in there i reckon and big careers ahead. Will be interesting to see how they all develop and whos the biggest star.

Be sure to have a look at my Player Career on John Price mate.
Nice mate, taking the player story to the next level. Some real gems in there i reckon and big careers ahead. Will be interesting to see how they all develop and whos the biggest star.

Be sure to have a look at my Player Career on John Price mate.

Cheers mate, yeah I saw your John Price story and it actually gave me the motivation to actually get this going properly, I'm thinking of adding some personal stories and stuff but I'm not sure what angles to do it from, if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know :)
next updates about to be posted i said i'd do january but as i've now decided to change the story's layout after some constructive discussions with Pr1cey17 i will be doing an end of season update for this first season.

P.S thanks to Pr1cey17 for giving me the idea to get this going hi john price story is a great read
Sean Black- End of Season 2013

Sean Black, 17, Celtic

Hey guys, Sean here. What a year! hard to imagine that this time last year i was sat in a maths classroom passively staring out of a window dreaming of playing for my beloved Bhoys and now my dreams have become a reality! Let me take you through my year............

All my life I've been a die hard Celtic fan, since i was a little boy all I've wanted to do was play for Celtic. There is no where better than Celtic Park, The echoes of "you'll never walk alone" ringing through the stadium spurring the boys on, its fantastic. I started playing football when i was 6 and since then i have become inseparable from a ball. I know i'm good, I've been told i am all my life and i want to be the best. Celtic are good but i know i can reach higher levels but i Love the club and hope to one day captain the side.
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I woke up that morning knowing that it was an important day, i had a trial game with some of the other lads from ASE, Gino, James, Sheku and Paul. We've been training together for 6 years and this was our moment our chance to shine in front of some scouts, i really hope i am able to impress and get into a proper side.
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Dad came up to me this morning and told me i'd made some friends. 12 Clubs including Wolves, Wigan, Liverpool, Rangers (YUCK!) and CELTIC!! there was only one option and it was a no brainer.​

23.7.12 - Sean Black signs for Celtic/made Scotland U21 captain 3.12.12 signs pro deal
What a day! Finally my brilliance has been noticed by that fool Neil Lennon. He finally decided to give me my first ever start for Celtic Making me the youngest player to ever wear the green and white of Celtic.
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I scored my first ever goal for Celtic in front of the home fans against Kilmarnock making me the youngest player to score for Celtic.​
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I'VE HAD ENOUGH!! I stormed into manager's office and told him i'd had enough of the U19's clearly i was too good for that side and i gave him an ultimatum: Either include me in the first team or i leave. It worked i was now a first team regular for Celtic ;)
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WE DID IT! we won the premier league but it wasn't much of a challenge, now that rangers are gone who can really keep up with us especially with me, the amazing Sean Black dominating in the center of the midfield controlling every game he plays in and dominating everyone. Why am i referring to myself in the third person, have i gone mad with brilliance? Oh well lets see what else we can walk through this season. We won the **** easy Scottish league cup in march yeah i got a red card and missed the final but who cares its a simple cup and that winger was really getting on my nerves, its a shame i didn't really give him a hard one.
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Proudest day of my life, Won my first ever international cap against the old enemy Wales only 9 days short of my 17th birthday, i am the future of Scottish football mark my words SEAN BLACK THE FUTURE ARE YOU READY FOR ME WORLD HERE COMES THE SCOTTISH MESSI. In fact i'm better, i am the chosen one. Also broke another record, became youngest player to ever play for Scotland, as if you expected any less.
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Happy birthday to me!! 17 years of age and I've already achieved so much, i am grateful for what i have and i can't wait to continue my career in football and hopefully win a world cup with Scotland and perhaps a champions league one day? with Celtic? who knows..........
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Next update: James Wynne End of Season 2013
James Wynne - End of Season 2013

James Wynne 16 - West Brom

hello whoever's reading this, James here. Cannot believe i am at a premier league club! Yes i've only made 5 appearances for them but i'm only 16 and that's a fantastic achievement. i' m hoping to develop my skills further in the reserve games well the 20 i played and the 19 U18 games i played. On top of that i got selected for England U21's so its been a decent year for me, lets review......​

Time for one of the most important games of my life, all i had to do was impress some scouts and i would get into a club, simpleright? well its not, i would be playing with some brilliant players how could i get noticed? Hopefully some scouts from oxford are there, i love the club with all my heart and would love to play for them at least once. Mum tells me not to worry she says she knows i've got the ability to impress, i just hope she is right.
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Twelve clubs were interested in me!! what a feeling! And i could pick which ever one i wanted. Unfortunately oxford were not part of the interested sides so i had to think where else could i go that would see me play quite often and help me improve as a player.
James Wynne signs for West Brom

What a day! i just played my first ever game for England U19's and i grabbed a goal! I am extremely pleased. who'd have thought that this boy from oxford would be able to achieve anything close to what i have. Coaches at England are already calling me the next John Barnes, can you believe it, he's a legend and if i can even come close to his talent then i will be satisfied.
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Today i started my first ever professional game against tranmare. My mum was in the crowd with my dad and they looked so proud and that's all i want to do, make them proud of me. I had an alright game and i hope to build on it and become a real top player.

I was sent off today for the U18's against Bristol. How stupid of me! i let my team down the fans and myself, unfortunately we lost on pens and the manager was not pleased. i hope i never get sent off again.

Apparently there's some interest in me from Middlesborough on loan. Do i want to go on loan? move away from everything and go and live alone for 6 months. hmm no not really sorry guys.

OMG sent off for England U19's this time! What am i doing, got a second yellow card for diving. Yes, i probably went down a bit easily but there was definitely contact. I'm sorry again guys i let you all down

West Brom currently lie in 17th place, we could go down today. If we go down everything changes, we lose money players and the fans will be distraught i really hope the boys can pull it out. if we lose and reading win and can overturn the -6 goal difference we have on them then we go down so a 3-0 loss for us and a 3-0 win for them is enough come on boys.........
WE'RE SAFE!! reading could only manage a 0-0 at Everton and we lost 1-0 so it was jubilant scenes everywhere we were staying in the prem!

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West Brom u18's finished 5th, not bad but we were miles away from Fulham​

The reserves finished 7th, hope we can do better next season
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Well that's it i guess, had a good year hopefully i can do better next year and break into the first team, if i can stay injury free again... see you next time
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TeamAppearancesGoalsAssistsAvg Match Rating
West Brom7126.85
West Brom Reserves19 0 15 6.97
West Brom U18's17 2 6 6.98
England U21's4006.83
England U19's7167.41