Feb 13, 2010
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Okay, my assistant can give me opposition instructions during the game but I can't get him to apply them himself. When I go to the O.I. screen and press 'ask assistant' nothing happens and I have to fill it in myself like back in the day. I found some threads that said my AM had to have tactical knowledge of 15+ so I hired Ivo Vieira who has 16 and he still won't do it.
Also, the ask assistant button works at the start of the game, but not after that.

What's the go? Is this a glitch (wouldn't be the only one)?
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Try getting a scout to scout your next opposition, can help I think
lol i want to know who said that *** man needs to have tactical knowlege 15 + to do that oO)
Yes, that happens sometime when *** man isnt good, or when your opp is weak. I got it!!!!
He doesnt have high club knowlege stats. Wait for a while, he'll be giving you opp inst. suddenly ;)
proof that you dont need to have 15+ tact know. He is world class :$
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What I don't get is how the Assistant knows all the opp instructions to give, but I have to manually set them instead of the ask assistant button just working.
It has nothing to do with scouting the opposition or tactical knowledge.

It happens to me occasionally and I think it's a bug. Usually at half time he won't update the OI, but the instant I start the second half, pause, then go back to OI he will set new instructions.
How about trying to tick the box for your assistant manager to apply automatically at the team setting screen?
its happened to me when i'm managing two teams the new team wont apply automatically pain in the **** when your testing new tactic's
I'm thinking this is just a glitch. I wouldn't be surprised, I think this is the glitchiest version of FM that I've played (not including when FM first went to steam and took forever to get going).