Asking Advice for Creating New Competition


Dec 2, 2015
Greetings,I'm trying to create two new leagues; Young Stars Elite Division, and Young Stars Second Division. They will both be placed at Liechtenstein, because for some reason Rules Wizard won't find Monaco, although it has been listed under Nations tab. I wanted to make it international competition, as it would have been more logical, but building one got so complicated that it was way over my head. And idea of having players only from one nation per team seemed... boring. Anyway, I have found some tutorials, but there is two things I would need advice for: the teams, and the rules.First about the teams. Because I want the teams to be built on young players, wonderkids and future stars, I must build them from scratch. So the question is, how do I make functioning, and balanced teams? I mean, I could just say, per example, that the best team has average of 6 players with current ability more than 140... But if I just put the conditions to editor, I may add 3 goalkeepers and 3 strikers, and nothing between. Also, as I would like the teams be realistic, they shouldn't be all alike; I don't want to build 20 teams that all use same tactics and mentalities, because they all have similar set of players. It would be like duplicating Chelsea twenty times and then thinking why this is so repetitive. So what would be the best, and the fastest, way to create the teams, so they have different strengths and weaknesses?Second thing I wanted ask about were the rules. As stated above, I want the league to be about young players; so I would like to add a rule that players older than, let's say 23, are ineligible. Is it even possible? I know there is rules for Under20's which limit the accepted age of the players, but can I add it to the whole league? And if I do, will AI still buy players over the age limit and then be unable to play? If so, I'll throw this idea from the window... Thanks for help.
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