Feb 6, 2009
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Does anyone here ask their players for advice on who to buy?

And if so, has anyone found a really good player that you have never heard of or never thought of?

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I've not used it on FM13 yet, but I always use it on FM12 as I'm in 2028 and like to hear players' views. I tend to ask them for players from their international squad/home country.
I have used it a few times (when I remember the option is actually there)

I have found a few good players (over the years) that I never knew of after asking my players! very good idea when the game is littered with regens though!
I've seen it in private chats but never tried it. But if it is good then I might as well try it!
I only do it if I want to improve my relationship/become preffered person of the player!

Did find a quality regen thanks to a 42 year old (and still scoring!) Lee Trundle :D
Kinda useless feature if you ask me. Might be useful like after 10 season, when there are almost only regens.
Back in FM11/12 I asked a couple of players for suggestions and ended up buying Kevin Mirallas on a whim. Turned out to be a good decision as he was banging the goals in. This was before he signed for Everton in real life.

Conversely, I bought a left back that was suggested by a player and he was terrible, even after a few seasons and had to sell him for a loss.
For me the transfer rumors work the best. Quite often I am linked to a player I never thought of and it would be a perfect fit. When i ask my own players, usually they cannot think of anyone.
I been asking around for players they can reccomend... Most of them haven't given me any that really satisfy me... The rest given me players that doesn't fits into my style of play so... I can't buy them...