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Feb 6, 2012
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When I think of the old Preston North End, and I mean the Preston that was crowned as the first ever football league champions in 1889, I see old men in brass-buttoned blazers with pipes standing proudly from the corner of their mouths. If Tom Hooper's film "The Damned United" is anything to go by, this was still much the scene in the mid 1970's even if the style of play had changed dramatically. That Preston team did the league and cup double in the English games inaugural season and won the Division 1 title again the following year, something which is not to be sniffed at whether you think that 19th century football is rubbish or not. You would however be forgiven for sniffing at the fact that 1890 was Preston's last league success and that only 1 major trophy has been won since then - the FA cup in 1938.

76 years on, and in the equivalent of the 3rd division, I hope that I can be the one to change Preston's fortunes. I'll take a look at the squad and come back after the pre-season period when we can hopefully make a charge for first season promotion.

The forefathers of Preston also managed to spell association correctly, unlike me. Oh well.
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