Dec 11, 2010
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I'm just starting out with my beloved Aston Villa and I'm using a 4-2-3-1 deep. My coaches keep saying that I should use a 4-3-1-2 instead. As I am not very good at fine tuning tactics I was wondering if any of you kind fellows could help me get started. My squad at the moment is untouched except for Raul Albiol who my DoF Pantaleo Corvino some how managed to sign on a loan with buy option :p. Any help would be much appreciated thanks :)

take a look through some of these players, you will most likely find more bargains :)

I would not play with an AMC right now mate, maybe second season when you get in a quality player to play there.. Ireland is good, maybe use that for smaller games for fluidity for next season..

post a SS of your exact lineup and I will try and assist you :)
I'm doing OK in the league as I'm currently 7th with 3 wins and a draw. I'm scoring goals but can't keep people out. Ireland has been doing OK for me so far after 7 games his average rating is just over 7 and already has 4 goals.

My SS won't load up for some reason but my line up is...

GK - Given

RB - Hutton (auto)
RCB - Raul Albiol (def)
LCB - Vlaar (def)
LB - Warnock (def)

RDM - Westwood (support)
LDM - El Ahamadi (def)

R Inside Forward - Holman/Albrighton (att)
Advanced Playmaker - Ireland/Formica (att)
L Inside Forward - N'Zogbia/Agbonlahor (att)

AF - Bent/Benteke (att)

Corvino managed to sell Bannan for £3m & signed Formica who is also doing OK. My problem with this formation is Delph & Gardner get no game time which is annoying as I like to use my younger players when I can.