Aston Villa Championship First Season


Nov 30, 2009
I've just started up my first save on the Winter update with Villa.

I'm interested in playing a back 3 (Maybe a 3-6-1/3-3-2-1-1) But I'm not 100% Sold on the idea.

What I am certain of is some of the positions I need to fill:

Definitely a first choice CB or two as I know Baker's had a downgrade and Elphick/Richards were never the best anyway.

Then for younger back up players I'm looking for a GK, Regista or BWM (Maybe Both), a Right Wing Back (I'm not 100% sold on Bree ATM) and a more Creative/Supportive Forward (Kodjia's Great but Selfish so he has to be the focal point of any attack; Hogan I'm thinking of being a back-up shadow striker behind a more creative younger and higher potential CF)

Idea for my current First team looks sometghing like this:

Sam Johnstone GK|D

??? CD|D
James Chester CD|S
??? CD|D

Jordan Amavi WB|A
??? REG|S
Ritchie Da Leat WB|A

Birkir Bjarnason B2B|S
Mile Jedinak BWM|S

Jack Grealish ADP|A

Jonathan Kodjia CF|A

Any Help would be massively appreciated. Thanks