Jan 16, 2009
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I have 15mil to improve my side, im in the first season and have made no signings from the original madrid squad and was wondering where the weak parts are and where my strong parts are.. If you cud give names of players i could look into signing that wud be great

CM - Maresca(free)
ST - Soukouna(free)

Both are good players.
Improve your defence mate, it is by far the weakest part in the team ..
CB: Leonel Galeano, Phil Jones, Khalid Boulahrouz, Crisitan Zapata, Andrea Ranocchia, Otamendi, Neven Subotic
LFB: Coentrao, Dodo ( Corinthians ) Roberto Carlos, Diego Renan, Gabriel Silva
RFB: Diego Renan, Danilo ( Santos ) Kyle Walker
DM: Annan, Mundingayi
CM: Moussa Sissoko,
CAM: Montolivo, Hamsik, Paulo Henrique ( Santos )
AML/R: Gervinho, Elia, Buonanotte
AMC: Carmelo ( Sporting )
ST: Babacar, Sanogo, Lukaku, Kadlec, Nilmar, Neymar

I suggest you to buy one of each position, except the CB´S, buy 2, pay all your buys over 48 months and you will be able to buy 1 of each position.
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Leonel Galeano. Adam Hlousek. Server Jeparov. Check out my guide mate. In the Gen Discussion forum somewhere :)
Dont play Atletico Madrid. They are queer. I still cant figure out how the won the Europa League.