Feb 20, 2010
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can you recommend free, cheap, or loan for Atletico Roma (Italian Prima Divisione Girone B/3rd Tier)?

I'm in July 10, my transfer budget is 832k EUR, my wage budget left is 8.38k EUR, and I aim to finish mid-half

any recommendation would be appreciated
thanks in advance


PS. sorry, the connection screwed me up
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well, I need a goalkeeper, a right-back, a left-back, two central midfielders, and a striker

that's why I put all position in the title

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Goalkeeper - Nicolás Cambiasso, Argentinian (not sure if he has double nationality so that might be a problem in Italy), very decent for the price - got him under 100k
RB - Paulo César, can play on both the right and left flank, free transfer. Again, non-EU iirc.
LB - José Gonçalves can play there, and he's probably better than any of your center-backs so a player that can possibly accompany you all the way to Serie A. Emil Johansson was my pick for this position, but cost around 900k (go 48 months). Also, there was quite a difference in rep. Bruno Basto is a relatively decent alternative, free.
CM - Nashat Akram is quality. So is Rinaldo. Both free, both non-EU :p There should be some decent players for loan at Inter and the like however, so I'd advise you to try there.
ST - Tricky. Can try to get Eneramo, beast of a player, but should cost you. Also, it's sort of mandatory when recommending players to lower leagues, Leigh Griffiths. Once again, loans should be your friends.
GK - Berbia or Nicholas Pastorini.
RB - Birindelli, Jurij Krause
LB - Carlos Lorenzo, Miguel Lapolla
CM - Mahoto, Gustavo Campanharo, Guillermo Firpo, Andres Cabrera, Alex Lopez, Claudio Herrera,
Striker - Rodrigo Pastorini, Sergio Comba, Gustavo Capellino, Pablo Difiori.
GK Berbia is a beast for C1
RB Michele Ferri, Santiago Villafane (EU passport)
LB Franchini
CM Parola, Carrus, Miguel Cevasco (EU passport), Mea Vitali (EU passport)
ST Cristian Fabbiani, Tiboni but most of all ALESSANDRO CESARINI
thanks for the suggestions guys

by the way, I can't find Berbia

I've signed Fabbiani for a target-man (but he'll join on December)