May 31, 2009
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Name - Atsuto Uchida
Nationality - Japan
D.O.B - 27/3/1988
Club - FC Schalke 04
Position - Defender Right/Wing Back Right

Strengths - Work Rate, Stamina, Teamwork, Acceleration, Agility, Crossing
Weaknesses - Natural Fitness, Strength, Balance, Finishing

Suggested Roles - Wing Back ( Attack )

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decent player, he is on my Good player mega thread...

I doubt it'll hurt even if he is on one of your megathreads...
sorry but i did a search for him, he never showed up so i dunno how im supposed to know
Default search is only for thread titles so you most likely missed it due to the way the search engine works, nothing to worry about, mate.
yeah....anyways im thinking of giving this guy a shot for my monaco save anybody else had experience?
no not saying he is wrong by posting a thread at all :D just mentioning that I have him on that list, he is a good little player :p
I was about to make a thread about him but this came up on this search. Nice find mate, 2016/17 season on my save and looks like a great attacking right back. He looks closes to Raikan's on my game, Natural fitness is 18...