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Attacking 5-2-1-2 WB - Custom Gegenpress

Ran a quick holiday test to 15th november. Did really well with Inter and Atl. Madrid. Didnt do well using it with Fulham and PSV.

As of 15th november:
Fulham (17th in the table)
15 games 3w 4d 8L -9 ...13p
17th most comp pass in the league, 48% possession, 81% passing
14 scored, 23 conceded
Highest individual rating: Tosin A 7.24 in 17 games
Lowest rating Tete 6.54 in 8 games or Decordova 6.69 in 17

Fulham isnt the strongest team in the league, but this was a disappointment. Really low scoring yet conceding quite a lot.
Whats a bit contradictory is that all the CBs have quite high rating compare to other players. Ream (7.18 in 17 games) and Diop (7.09 in 17 games). Only Leno and Mitrovic were the others to have a rating above 7.00

PSV (7th in the table)
13gp 5w 4d 4l.....19p
22 sc, 17 conc

High rat De Jong 7.35 in 24 games (14 goals scored)
low rat Mwene 6.70 in 23 games

This is an even greater failure. PSV should be a top 3 team.
Funny that both RB wingbacks at PSV and Fulham scores the lowest ratings.

Inter (1st)
13gp 10w 2d 1l..........32points
38 scored, 13 conceded
Highest rat Lukaku 7.86 in 19 (21 goals)
Lowest Barella with 6.99 in 17 games

Phenomenal. Yes, Inter are very well suited to play this way but Lukaku (and Martinez with 11 goals) are scoring plenty.
Shame that a player like Barella scores low in player ratings.

Atl Madrid (2nd)
14gp 9w 2d 3l....29ppoints
32 scored, 17conceded
High rating Griezmann 7.26 in 20 games (14 scored)
low rat Llorente 6.87 in 16 games

Great result so far. Weird how with Fulham and PSV, the weak spot was the right back. Here it seems like the BWM scores the lowest with both Barella and Llorente scoring low.

Overall conclusion:
I think this tactic needs some proper quality players, but when it does it becomes a really good tactic