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Mar 10, 2013
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Meaning, do people get too caught up on the numbers and not the performance? If I could get the Steam Cloud thing figured out I would present you Swede CB Johan Hammar. He begins the game in the Everton youth system. They do not sign him to a pro contract and that is likely the end of a career. But a desperate league 2 squad signs him on a free, plays for a season, and releases him. Then an even more desperate league 1 side (me) signs him just to put a body on the field. I am now in my second season in the Premier League and his season average match performance has never been lower than 7.56. The only attribute numbers that would catch anyone eyes would be jumping, natural fitness, and strength. A tall, lanky kid. He is scouted 9th in my teams depth chart but I have confidence of a solid performance every time he is selected to start. My other CBs occasionally get embarrassed by the opposites striker, but never Johan. I affectionately call him "The Hammer".
I will as soon as I figure out the Steam thing. I was hoping someone with the genie thing would post his CA/PA. Even in 2019 his stats would not raise any eyebrows.
Press alt + F9 to take a screenshot :)

But I know what you mean. Im playing as Sporting right now, and they have a CB on loan in the first season called Xandao. His stats are decent, but not world class, but he was putting in MoTM performances almost every other match. His value started at like 500k, but by the end of the season was worth around 7 Million! So glad there was a clause in the loan to get him for just £2.7 Mil
My message is that the Steam Cloud is not able to upload at this time, or something along those lines. The Hammer's value has increased little despite his match performance. Right now he is valued at $850,000. That is for a Premier League CB!
Thanks for the screenshot. Those attributes are a little better than mine. His strength and jumping are at 17. But otherwise close to what I got.
This is him in my current save, his ratings over the seasons have been pretty decent (7.25-7.38)
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im Everton 1st season hes on loan at port vale all his stats gone up 1
Yeah, it's the same story with a CB called Milosevic. He's 20 yrs old and has average stats but scores from corners a lot and has great match averages.