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Attributes priority for specific player positions/roles

Jan 25, 2011
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When deciding your formation/starting lineup you either buy players which fit best to your desired formation or you select the best formation for your current squad. If you have no budget like myself you have to take the latter option. So, identifying the best position and role for each member of your squad is paramount. This leads me to my question.

Does anyone know the definitive order of priority each attribute has for each player position and role? I've seen programs like http://www.thoor.se/jonas/fm2011/ claims to tell you the best position/role for your player when you enter attributes. It looks impressive but I don't know how it calculates the result. It could be an accurate algorithm or a guessed algorithm. Who knows?

Can anyone say for sure the correct priority of attributes for each specific player position/role?


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Ah, I've just looked at the thoor.se site again and Laan actually explains how he calculates the figures and also states that he's not claiming 100% accuracy so my "claim" statement was incorrect. Apologies for that. I should open my eyes more.