Jul 15, 2013
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This is my first post as a newbie.

I have bought and played FM 07', 10' and now 13'. I have never completed a full season due to certain technical issues with my PC which has resulted in me having to reboot the PC and re-install a game half-way through a season. Which is a blessing in disguise as I have never had much success. And to say it is because I think the game is set up so I lose is BS. But nor can I acknowledge it is my fault. I am bewildered by the number of roles for each position (You have about 5 or 6 roles just for the striker alone like Traquitititia-or whatever the ****** name is, deep lying forward, advance forward etc.) and all roles require a different set of attributes. How can I better understand what set of attributes are linked to each role?

Also tactics is another problem. I am utterly confused by all of it and don't understand what influence it has on the team and players. You can give each position a myriad of roles and set them to any one of Attack, Defend, Automatic and "Support. You can set a mesmerising array of Playing Styles such as Creative Freedom and Roaming as well as Specific Instructions like Tempo, Focus Passing and Width with different orders to them. What can I do to understand that?