Feb 12, 2013
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I was just wondering, has anyone signed this guy from St ettiene? he's got good stats and my scouts think he's worth while.. also he's got a good amount of goals to his name. If anyone's got anything on him would be greatful for your opinion
In my second season with Arsenal I have him with Rodrigo and Giroud rotating. In the preseason he's been outstanding, he was the top scorer in Ligue 1 with 26 goals, so I thought he would bring some consistency and pace to my forward line. In a poacher role, with a good set of creative midfielders behind him and also taking advantage of counterattacks, he will make your team fly.
how much did you get him for, he's always so expensive so I've never got him really
21 M, he was unsettled. Too much depending on the club. I had the funds after selling Podolski to Dortmund, Bendtner to Gladbach, Park to Southampton... And of course the money coming from the club.
at Liverpool I've currently got sturridge, borini, jovetic, suarez and pierre michel lasogga. so would need to get rid of someone first but that'd probably make the funds for the move. I am not sure who to part with really :-\
mmm... that depends on how you play them. I have Jovetic (great player) coming from behind as a left inside forward (I play a 4-2-3-1 with Jovetic/Isco, Wilshere/Cazorla and Walcott/Ben Arfa behind the striker, and also Oxlade). Had no idea of Lasogga... I supose it depends on your willingness to get rid of one of them (all being great forwards). Aubameyang brings more pace than any of the ones you have
that's why I'd like aubameyang. his pace would be a massive threat!
I think sturridge is my weakest link
u either play 352 with a poacher & target man. or a 33121 with a dlf.
both formations could be altered to suit aubameyang or I wouldn't mind making a new one.
16 PL games into the season and he is top scorer in my Arsenal with 13 goals in 12 appearances. He scored a hat-trick against Everton playing as a lone striker but also performs well coming from the left in a AML position or from AMR. I have paired him with Giroud/Bony in a 4-2-4 too, smashing all his partner passes, including a 5-0 win against Chelsea!