Average age of your squad.


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Oct 4, 2005
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When I start a game as a Champions League team I mostly buy experienced and established players so I thought i'd change my ways and buy mostly the young and talented.

I started as Arsenal and over the season I added Craig Gordon, Vincent Kompany, Cesar Delgado, Tomas Sivok and Sherman Andres Cardenas to my first team(obvious choices but if I want a young team I needed players I knew), I also bought Ze Eduardo, Sindre Loe Bing, Sergey Kisliy as future prospects/money makers. I also sold Robin Van Persie, Vassiriki Diaby, Emmanuel Adebayor from my first team, even though I was going for a young team I wanted these three out as Van Persie got me a nice sum from Chelsea that I could use for added youth and Diaby and Adebayor are not rated by me at all. The average age of my squad after January was around 26-28(I didn't take note because I wasn't going to be aiming for a title untill next season when the average age was younger).

Even though I wasn't aiming for the league title I managed to win it which would benefit my wallet in the next campaign.

Second season came around and I was aiming for an average age of 22. After bringing in Joao Moutinho, Sebastian Frey, Leighton Baines, Lucho Gonzalez, Rafinha and Fred over the two transfer windows the average age was still only just 23, I could of added a youth player to my team I felt that would be cheating so I was going to stick to 23 for this campaign. My team was as follows.


In this season I wanted to win The Premiership and at least one cup. The premiership was won quite convincingly by a 10 point margain scoring 84 goals and conceeding 23, I lost in the 4th round of the FA Cup to Bolton 0-1 so my reserves would no longer get a chance to impress in the League Cup Final because that was the only realistic target left. The League Cup was quite an easy ride beating Portsmouth Pirates 3-0 in the final so my target was acheived, a league and cup with an average aged squad of 23.

This season I have managed to get the average age down to 22 with the signings of Pablo, Nigel De Jong and Freddy Adu. I doubt with a team this young i'll be able to win three trophies but that's my aim this season. What I would like to ask if you took the time to read through this is has anyone managed to be succesful with such a young team as i've never played this way before and also what is the average age of your squad? To find the average age add all of the players ages together then divide the total by the number of players in your squad.
Can't say I've done it like this before but I do look at getting young players around 24-27 maybe 28 if there good. Good luck to you in your next season, looks like you'll need it :p
never really noticed the age of my squad apart from when I won the League with Arsaenal it came up saying I had a young squad (24), Bergkamp (37) was pushin it up :p
My oldest 2 players are Gilberto Silva(30) and Thierry Henry(30), In January I might sell Gilberto Silva and lower the age further. Sebastien Frey at 27 isn't helping things either. Henry will be a future problem though, I can't see him going anywhere till he's around 33 as he's too **** good to sell.
I'ved just checked my Boston Utd team with players like Cardenas & Loe Bing & the average age is 25.71 rounded to 2 d.p. Some exprience is always good IMO.
mines 28 i need to release a few of the old players such as hans vonk and graham murty and glen little i dont even play them!