Feb 3, 2011
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Hi folks! Greetings from Bulgaria!

I need a little help. I can't overcome the "random" factor.

Look at my preseason:

1:0 Shakhtar, 5:0 Sevilla, 2:1 Galatasaray - all away games.

I've won the League Cup in the firs season and finished 7-th, so I'm in EURO CUP. Won my first game away against PSV - 1:0.


Here is my team.


I like to play direct style, press opponents and use my wingers to cut inside and swap positions.
I'm rotating my strikers - Griffiths, Suarez and Garra Dembele. All are fast. Suarez is more creative, Griffiths more individual and Dembele is strong with powerful finish. Yet, there are games where they can't beat the goalkeeper. Even if he's not Julio Cesar and has like reflex - 14, positioning - 15, aerial ability - 12...

The other problem is very random. I go to Old Trafford and push MU, have most of the possession (score doesn't matter) but when i play home game against Pompey - i struggle to find goal and end 1:0 with a long shot effort.

It can get quite annoying. I'm trying to react to the situation and change tactics... I can win against Chelsea and on the next weak i'll draw even or lose to Hull at home...

I'm missing lots of key players - Mbark Boussoufa - broken leg, Urby Emanuelson - broken ankle, Scott Parker - some random injury, out for 4 weeks... And my right full back for twisted ankle - 3 weeks...

Good thing I sign that guy:

He can control the middle pretty well for 18 y.o.

So can someone suggest something? I have good strikers, capable of netting against Wordclass keepers and defenders and i have quick defenders, both CD and full backs but something is missing...

Thank you!
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Hi dxl ! I don't think it's the "random" factor that we're talking about here in these situations. I think that your team can have a good game on Old Traford because they're motivated, but when playing against Pompey .. well, they're not. One funny thing I noticed these days: take a look at your teams's Information screen and see what kind of personality do they have: determined, ambitious .. ? I think that if they are professional, they will play better, a lot better agains the weak sides and eventually the complacement will no longer be an issue. Good luck mate ! Greetings from Romania.