Jan 28, 2010
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Hello, I'm currently Portsmouth and I'm 3rd in the Championship. At home my form is very good and I have made a decent tactic to control possession etc, etc, but I want to tighten my defence away because I have the tendency to concede late goals or get smashed 3-0.

So I need some tips for using my touchline shouts, and possibly a new tactic please. (although I do play 4-2-2-2 with defensive midfielder's).

Thanks - Hazmanv2
dont change tactics, edit the main one you are using as your club has gelled to it (Match Prep)

try and use a Dm Cm and Cm with 1 striker upfront..

play deeper and hit on the counter....

play narrow and slow with shorter passing...

counter attack and leave philosophy as normal...

get your wings to mark and not be as attacking, ask them to track back and cover for Fb's

touchline shouts:

1) get stuck in
2) pass into space
3) work ball into box
4) exploit the middle

these would be good as you say that you have a good team (well you are doing well in the league)

hope this helps :)
You could try looking at your opponents last fixtures and see what formation they are losing or dropping points against and then use that formation against that opponent.
I rarely change my tactic for away games.

All I do is make my tempo slower. "Get stuck in"/Pass ball to feet. Done!