Saif Kureishi

May 9, 2012
Reaction score
I don't seem to understand how away goals work in FM. In the real world I believe that every goal scored when away is doubled. In FM this isn't the case. For example: Champions League semi-final vs Marseille (I am PSV). The first leg I am at home. The game finishes 1-1. (They won 2-1 on away goals) The next fixture comes and all my players are knackered from previous games so I played a combination of youngsters and reserves. Lost 5-3. Together these two results add up to 6-4 their favor. But, because of away goals I should have won the last game 6-5, and since they won 2-1 at my stadium it should have been 7-7 and gone to extra time.

Sorry for the long post, but please correct if I am wrong because this has got to be the MOST frustrating thing!
lol mate :)

away goals are only counted as two goals if the score is tied! the first game ended 1:1 and it will be 1:1!

if the next game ended 1:1 as well, you would have gone to extra time as the score would be equal

if you went to France and drew 2:2 you would go through as then you have scored more away goals